Car Hire Insurance

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The Renter/Driver is liable for any damage done to the vehicle during the rental period except for when a third party is responsible from whom ABC Rent may receive compensation for said damage.

In the case of an accident or destruction of vehicle, a predetermined excess will be applied to a Renter/Driver who has purchased CDW and TP insurance.

 If the super additional insurance ("SCDW”) applies, in case of damage, theft or loss of the Vehicle or its parts excess is not applied to the Renter or is reduced to the agreed degree. SCDW is applicable only subject to prior acceptance of CDW and THW. SCDW does not release the Renter from liability in case of damage to the cabin and loss or damage to additional equipment. The super additional insurance does not cover tires. If you want Super additional insurance, feel free to contact a rental consultant.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) covers damage done to the rental vehicle.

TP (Theft Protection) covers theft and destruction of vehicle.